Welcome to the wonderful world of Social Dance, a fun activity that benefits you in so many ways. Whether you're single or a couple, young or not so young, beginner or experienced , wanting to learn a few steps or many dances, you can find a class to enjoy. Many of us dream of becoming a good dancer, and our promise to you is to make this experience fun and comfortable.

Glenn and Patty have been teaching dance for a combined 35 years. We teach students from their first step, all the way through Award Winning, competition level solo routines. We have been blessed with training from many world class instructors, including Buddy Schwimmer, Donnie Burns, Enio Cordoba, Robert Royston and many many more. We have trained, competed, danced and taught in various dance arts including Ballroom, Swing, Latin, Country Western, Salsa, and Lindy. We have taken the time to study each of these dance forms from world class instructors who understand the character and history of each of these dance arts. We also teach the technical aspects of dancing along with the art of dancing. Glenn and Patty both teach group classes, private lessons and wedding preparation lessons. 
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FOX TROT: The Fox Trot is the most popular social dance in the world. A foundational dance that's easy to learn, it helps you improve in other dances. 
WALTZ : One of the most beautiful of all dances, with its sweeping steps and whirling action. Danced at weddings and social events, the waltz is great for developing grace and balance.
AMERICAN TANGO : This dramatic dance done to dramatic music is intoxicating. Often considered a "dancer's dance," you will be surprised at how easy it is to learn and how it develops your ability to dance with power and drama.
RUMBA : The only slow Latin dance, this is a dance of romance that can be danced in many venues. Based on the basic box step, rumba patterns can be adapted to other dances.
EAST COAST SWING : This is a fun, energetic dance that can be done to music from the 1940s all the way up to today's hip hop songs. Lots of fun turns and variety to learn. Think Lost in the 50s!
WEST COAST SWING : This dance is done generally to medium tempo music, usually slower than East Coast Swing. The patterns are danced in a slot and, once the basics are mastered, can be very interpretive and creative.
CHA CHA : This is a fun Latin dance with lots of personality that is very adaptable to different eras of music. Based on the famous Cha-Cha-Cha moves of the feet, the patterns are fun and easy to learn and can be danced at weddings, night clubs and ballrooms.
SALSA : Popular and trendy, this dance has patterns similar to the Cha Cha but is danced to faster music. Danced at Salsa clubs all over the country, on cruises, at vacation spots...
NIGHTCLUB TWO-STEP : A beautiful dance designed for slow, romantic, soft rock songs. A very versatile dance with beautiful turns.
SLOW DANCE : Very easy to learn, this dance can be done to music that other dances can't. Danced in a small area, this can be done at nightclubs, weddings, and on small dance floors. A great dance to get started with, especially for those who are a bit shy to get up on the dance floor.


  • Please bring dedicated dance shoes that are clean (it is best not to wear them in) with non-marking soles.
  • Everyone (members/non-members) are required to check in by name and be verified as paid for classes and dances at the front desk upon entry to the club.
  • All fees for classes and dances will be collected by SWAC at the front desk.
  • SWAC members that have charging privileges may put class and dance fees on account.
  • Non-members must limit their time in the club to the dance functions.  Please come early enough to prepare for the function and leave promptly after the function.  Day use fees and other membership options are available upon request.
  • We require kids under 14 years of age to have direct adult supervision.
  • All classes are 50 minutes of instruction.


  SWAC Member Non-Member
Singles pricing    
Drop in (1 class) $10 $12
1 Group class/wk (1 month) $32 (save $8) $40 (save $8)
2 Group classes/wk (1 month) $56 (save $24) $72 (save $24)
Unlimited group classes/wk (1 month) $72 (save $88) $99 (save $93)
Couples pricing    
Drop in (1 class) $18 $22
1 Group class/wk (1 month) $56 (save $16) $72 (save $16)
2 Group classes/wk (1 month) $96 (save $48) $128 (save $48)
Unlimited group classes/wk (1 month) $130 (save $158) $160 (save $192)
Private lessons    
1 Private Lesson (single or couple) $75 $75
4 Private lesson pack (single or couple) $275 (save $25) $275 (save $25)
12  Private lesson pack (single or couple) $750 (save $150)  $750 (save $150)