The YMCA FAQ's etc

 Great reasons we welcome the YMCA to Sandpoint

  • their mission is...For youth development, healthy living and social responsibility
  • they're more than capable of moving SWAC into the future with facility, programming and staffing
  • their presence in the Sandpoint community will make a huge difference for decades to come
  • their ability to add/expand amenities within a shorter time frame is greatly increased
  • ck this link to the YMCA and discover their wide range of services.
FAQ's etc
  1. What happens to my membership?  Be current on your November billing then look for a pretty smooth transition in December.
  2. Should I continue my SWAC membership with the Y?  Of course, give them a chance along with a little transition grace.
  3. Beginning in December, you have access to more great clubs.
  4. Be excited for new offerings and amenities!!
  5. Rest assured that the great folks at the Y have you coverd.
  6. Existing SWAC Flex card, Temporary membership or prepaid (annual/semi annual) regular memberships from SWAC will all be honored through their expirations/renewal dates.
  7. What do I have to do to transition to the Y?  Nothing at this point.
  8. The Y will be sending a small amount of member application paperwork along with their pricing  by about Thanksgiving.  There may be minor changes in dues structure.
  9. The Y collects dues via electronic draft of checking accts and or credit cards (great news!!  a feature commonly requested of SWAC) each month.  They do not send monthly invoices.

Questions to Don and Sue regarding current membership through Nov   email    [email protected]

Questions about your future Y membership contact John Ehrbar 509-720-5618

In case you didn't receive a letter or's copies.




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