Thank you for your interest in the SWAC SHARK's swim team. The SHARKs program is designed to be a competive, but fun experience for the parents, children, Club and Coach.

The SHARKs are the led by the popular Coach Mike Brosnahan, recent Idaho Coach of the Year.

Commitment on both the swimmers and the parents are an essential part in making it a successful, fun experience.

Swim team is designed to accommodate all levels of swimmers, from Pre-Comp to SHS Varsity swim team.

Additional information:

Swimmers check in at the front desk upon entering the club.  They may use express check-in if they wish

Please pick up non-members and children under 14 promptly after practice.

Swimmers may wait in lobby area 10-15 minutes before swim team.

To help keep moisture content down on carpeted areas, swimmers should dry off in the tiled area

Swim team members do not have access to other areas of the club unless they have an appropriate membership (see front desk for information about expanded membership options).

All swim team members (except pre-comp) are required to pay US Swim Association annual dues in the amount of $70

Observe and obey ALL pool rules.